Local Creative Gallery

Showcasing local artwork, handmade products and photography from creatives across Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

  • Laura Benson

    Watercolour Artist

    Zurich, Ontario, Canada

  • Paul Blayney


    Seaforth, Ontario, Canada

  • Winona Sangster

    Artist, Photographer, Multimedia

    Zurich, Ontario, Canada

  • Peggy Sloan


    Zurich, Ontario, Canada

  • Sara Somerville

    Goderich, Ontario, Canada

  • Elisabeth Staton

    Found Objects & Watercolours

    Exeter, Ontario, Canada

  • Kay Webb

    Acrylic Paint Pouring

    Zurich, Ontario, Canada


Gallery Program for emerging artists, photographers & creatives

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Are you an upcoming or already established artist and/or photographer?

B Creative Prints, Frames & Design would like to invite you to take advantage of our retail space and gain exposure in Southwestern Ontario.

The first step towards getting out there can be difficult. Just think of how the great artists felt before they showed their first piece? From Warhol to DaVinci to Monet. It takes the first step and an opportunity to show your work to a receptive audience. That is what we want to be able to offer you and provide an opportunity to continue to grow your audience.

The program we are implementing includes:

1) Artwork and/or images created by you – printed, framed and finished by five one nine prints & frames.

2) The cost of materials and production (printing, framing, stretching, etc.) is paid as a deposit.

3) Your work will be displayed in our retail space at your set sale price and we can also offer online. Be sure to factor in the cost of materials when you are setting your sale price.

4) When work is sold, you will be notified to finalize the transaction.

Pricing & Commission

The pricing is structured in a way that you can utilize our printing and framing services at a lower cost. You pay for the printing and framing then set the price of your piece. We display in our gallery and offer through our online store. Once the piece sell, you are paid through cheque or etransfer with commission deducted.

Commission fee is 10% of final sale price that will be deducted from payment.


Payment issued to you from B Creative Prints, Frames & Design will be your sale price minus a 10% commission fee. Payments will be issued every month.

Sign-Up Today

Contact us at info@bcreativepfd.com to join our Gallery today.