Elisabeth Staton - A.O.C.A., BA

Found Objects - Elisabeth started drawing and painting at Saturday morning art classes to which her mom took her. She had gone to an art-oriented high school and still liked to do crafts. She started in an engineering program after high school but ended up at the Ontario College of Art in Graphic Design. After a lengthy career in special event management, Elisabeth decided to explore a new kind of art.

Objects that Elisabeth uses are sometimes homely, everyday items from the late 1850’s to the 1960’s. These objects are intrinsically beautiful in part because of the materials they are made of. They have an aesthetic that seems more personal than the plastic objects all around us, even though a substantial number were factory made. Other objects are industrial and utilitarian, yet their makers made a concerted effort to decorate them. She especially likes the objects from Ontario and Northern New York. We can relate to those objects that are from places close to us. She hopes the artwork tells you a story or evokes a memory from the past.