Winona Sangster

"Photography is an ongoing experiment to see how we can make the world into art."

Winona is a self taught photographer who wants to use photography as an experiment to make the world we see into art. When looking around at what she is viewing, she thinks to myself: How can I illuminate its core beauty?

Winona dares to explore her senses and notions of the world through photos. Winona finds it is the most meditative way to understand the world in order to challenge her own reality and push her limits. Thus, sharing a little glimpse of her perspective on the world. 

Winona has been told by many that she has a very unique grasp on life as an out-of the-box thinker. Where, she says... "I just wonder where the grass seems less green? Where can I find the mysteries of the world hidden in various guises of that which is taken granted of, looked over and ghostly in society?" Here is where the real stories of photos can emerge.

Her focus is Nature, Landscape and Still photos however Winona will step out of my comfort zone. She is always willing to capture more than what is naturally given to us because everything holds a story. It is her goal, as a photographer, to capture this in order to share with others for open interpretation. 

Winona explores humanity and the way the world is/was/will be. She will look at the extremes and the in-betweens. She steps, more like stammers, on the wayside and take the path less travelled, finding herself along the way in her wanderings and rambling imagination. Yet, this is where her inspiration leads her to photography, an outlet for pondering and stories that are never told, left unspoken for others to create.

In the end, take a step into the abstraction of Winona's world and view the interesting quirks revelled in the stories photos tell, finding the hidden secrets that are found along the way unfolding in front of your eyes.