Sara Somerville

Born on Ontario’s West Coast; an accounting minion by day, and an aspiring photographer of all things nature and interesting to my eyes by all other waking time.

We spend the weekends travelling random back roads Bayfield to the Bruce Peninsula to the Blue Mountains and beyond. We set out with no plan, no destination in mind, and the magic happens. Its easy to find subjects in nature, water and wildlife as it is so abundant and not a minute is wasted in taking it for granted. Photos and creative digital artistry is a way of capturing the beauty and joy that our simple personal time is. When we are out with our cameras, we escape all thoughts of the day to day, we just live right there in that moment, no work stress, no bills, just you, a camera and the moment. How can one not savour that.

Someday I hope to travel the rest of the country and the world savouring and capturing all there is to see.