You think of it, we can frame it! We take your captured moment and create a unique display for you. Our wide selection of frames, mouldings, mats, and styles cater to your specifications to suit any décor for that perfect finish. All of our frames are produced and manufactured in Zurich, Ontario at our production facility

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  • Mouldings

    We offer a wide range of mouldings to choose with new moulding options coming soon!

    The Essential Series: this series features traditional and modern styles. These moulding options are basic while offering value-based selection. This series also provides functional mouldings such as basic floating canvas frames, shadow box frames, and canvas stretcher frames—the Essential Series of optimal volume and wholesale purchasing.

    The Limited Series: this series features many high-quality mouldings selected and ordered on-demand from one of our suppliers located in North America. Due to circumstances surrounding the way this product is requested.

    Please allow an approximate wait time of 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

  • Mat Board

    Using computerized mat design and cutting technology, we can offer a complete range of mat board to accent and present your captured moment to custom specifications.

    Our range of inventory also includes the following:

    - Basic Papermats: Features a quality coloured surface, off-white core and non-conservation materials. Ideal for everyday mat and value framing projects.

    - Whitecore: A white core mat features a quality colour faced mat board with a bright white core. It has some inhibitors to resist mat fading and some acid burn on the surface of the artwork.

    - Conservation: High-quality matboard with premium colours. Conservation mats are made with acid-free archival materials and are intended to protect your photos and artwork for framing projects.

    Please note that specialty selections may require a 2-week order time.

  • Finishing

    We offer complete finishing services to bring together your framing project and to meet all specifications.

    All frames can be finished with your choice of glass.

    - Standards glass meets almost all framing needs.
    - UV Glass contains additional UV inhibitors to protect your art.

    - Anti-Reflective: features glare-resistant glass surface to reduce reflections.

    - Preservation Clear: conservation level protection with up to 99% UV filtration.

    Dust-Cover Backing

    We finish the back of the frame with a dust cover to prevent dirt and bugs getting into the frame over time.

    Hanging Hardware
    Once we apply a protective paper backing to our frames, we offer hardware options:

    - Standard hanging Wire​

    - Sawtooth hangers

    - Wall Buddies

    - Felt Bumpers

    - Security hardware

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