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Tri-Art Mediums & Grounds 250mL

Tri-Art Mediums & Grounds 250mL

Gel Medium Gloss
High viscosity paint without pigments. Capable of holding every texture detail from high peaks to fingerprints. Stays flexible even when thickly applied.

Self-Levelling Gloss
Ideal medium for creating thick, level glazes or string-like extrusions without brush strokes. Flows over areas of inconsistent textures to make a more uniform surface. Very slow drying and best applied with a spreading tool.

Dry Medium Ground
Seals a surface and dries to an extremely matte finish with a fine, even tooth. It is able to accept colour and is the ideal surface for drawing media.

Nepheline Gel Coarse
Thick, semi-transparent mediums used to create a variety of granular textures. Provide an excellent ground for dry-brush effects. Best applied with spreading tools for even or textured effects.



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